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TrueMendous Your Grandma's Favourite Storyteller.

Singer/ songwriter/ poet. Hip/Hop Spoken word. 

Packed with talent, TrueMendous has a unique sound, that is both refreshing and original. Conscious yet colourful, her sound is something you must not sleep on. Her latest EP, "P.S. This Is Your Mother Calling" is out now. Available to download on Apple Music. Right Here. Follow TrueMendous to keep updated with upcoming performances.

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Jacqueline Lewis 'JQ' - Fashion Designer and daydreamer.

Jacqueline is a recent graduate of fashion design at Nottingham Trent University. Combing her passion for street ware and culture with contemporary design and colour pallets; to create an excellent blend of design seen throughout her work. 

A message from JQ:

"I'm a cross between an illustrator and designer, but I fit neither box. As soon as I see something different or simply just exciting, I immediately begin to imagine ways I can visualise what I've witnessed, through design or drawings. My illustrations range between personal interests and passions, to moments I've witnessed. Re posting a picture that I like, doesn't quite have the same effect of re drawing one. Visual explanation is so important for me, and is often the best way to express what I am thinking."

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Luca Kroll - Photographer and Designer

"For me, the best kind of photography is the kind that tries to be as fluid as possible. Not just composition and framing; but within the act of taking the photograph itself. 

I try to let the scene dictate the photograph, not the other way around. Letting go of trying to control the subject or the scene, really opens up new possibilities and forces me to take new and original photographs, that I didn't think of taking."

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Layole Ogundimu - Photographer and Designer

"I try to see what other others don't. Creativity is a game, were I use my inspirations and role models as challenges to make something better. I use everything I learn and love about design, culture and art to make stronger photos. I use everything I understand about imagery to draw and sculpt finer forms. I value none of my skills above another, they all work into the next. I'm not just a designer, a photographer, an artist. I believe it's just different mediums to address they idea or problem. Express what you think, that's it."

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University of Nottingham Hip Hop Society @UON Hip Hop Society 

Connecting students across Nottingham, for all things Hip Hop. Socials, parties, quizzes and much more. "Living and breathing Hip Hop 24/7 365 days a year!!"

Nottingham Trent University The New Black Society @TheNewBlackNTU

University life, race, politics and mental health are just a handful of the many discussions within The New Black Society. "We aim to bring together a community of likeminded people, with a progressive mentality to succeed in the face of adversity."